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  • Leadership is About the Individual!

    I just got back from the 2015 Annual Society for Human Resource Management Conference in Las Vegas. There were over 15,000 attendees there, from 85 countries. It was blazing hot outside and generally cold within the Las Vegas Convention Center as we attended...

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  • It’s All in Our Head!

    I’ve been thinking about thinking.Early in my study of the People Side of Business, I came across the seminal book by Douglas McGregor, entitled “The Human Side of Enterprise”. A key point of the book is that managers are significantly impacted...

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  • What does it mean to Lead the People side of Business?

    Welcome to my blog!  I’ve decided to call this blog “Leading the People Side of Business”, and hope to discuss how we can lead the people side of business better.Let’s start with defining what “Leading the People Side of Business” means....

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